Elo's investment operations

The objective of Elo’s investment operations is to ensure profitable and sustainable investment of employee pension assets. The investment process is independent and is focused on the long term. Employee pension assets are invested in accordance with the company’s investment strategy and policy. The goal is to operate in the investment markets in a way that generates the best possible return for the pension assets in all market conditions at the defined risk level.

The most important aspects in Elo’s investment operations are:

  • Allocation process forms the framework for long-term investment. 
  • Different asset classes have tested and well defined investment processes and they are rooted into the company’s investment strategy. 
  • In-depth analysis and independent valuation of investment instruments in each asset class and the broad understanding of the investment markets emphasize the integrity of Elo’s investment process. 
  • Allocation process is well defined. There is sufficient but not excessive diversification in various asset classes. 
  • Direct investments are the primary form of investment across different asset classes. 
  • Investment process is cost-effective and risk management is comprehensive. 
  • Aim is not to seek quick profits, but rather to focus on long-term investment results.

At the end of 2017, the market value of Elo’s investments was approximately EUR 23.1 billion. Measured in terms of assets under management, Elo is Finland’s third-largest employee pension company.

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