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Market sounding

On behalf of Elo the following persons are authorized to receive market sounding. We expect that the disclosing market participant follows the procedure according MAR and before disclosing any information clarifies that the person receiving market sounding is entitled and willing to receive the information.

We ask that the market sounding is performed by email (firstname.lastname@elo.fi) and only to one person at a time.

Please contact primarily the following persons:

Jan Lehtinen

Direct Equities

Robert Granroth

Credit Investments

Silja Bjondahl Corporate Financing



Also entitled to receive market sounding are the following persons: Satu Huber (Chief Executive Officer), Matti Carpén (Director, Customer Relations and Customer Channels, ICT), Hanna Hiidenpalo (Director, Chief Investment Officer), Jonna Ryhänen (Director, Securities Division), Karita Meling (Director, Head of Private Equity) and Jukka Vähäpesola (Head of Equities).