Elo has published information on its participation in annual general meetings in 2019


Elo has published information regarding its participation in annual general meetings as well as votings conducted during the meetings in 2019. The now published list contains participations in general meetings held in Finland and internationally by the end of July 2019. The international season of annual general meetings is still ongoing, and the list will be updated at a later date.

As a rule, Elo attends the general meetings of all the Finnish companies in which it is a shareholder. Outside of Finland, Elo attends general meetings of companies in which it has a significant shareholding or attendance is seen appropriate due to other reasons.

By the end of July 2019, Elo has participated in a total of 135 general meetings, of which 59 were held in Finland, 49 in Europe and 27 in other countries.

Altogether, we cast our vote on approximately 1,000 items. Elo voted against a proposal presented on the AGM agenda in 31 general meetings. For the most part, these proposals concerned the composition of the Board of Directors or the capital structure.

With the development of policies and technology, Elo will in the future be able to participate in a growing number of international annual general meetings without the need to travel.