Can I get a payment extension for invoices that have already fallen due?

If the payment of an invoice is delayed for one reason or another, you can add a payment extension to the invoice through Elo’s Online Service for a maximum of 30 days from the due date on the invoice, if you do it less than 14 days from the original due date. If it has been more than 14 days past the due date and/or you would like a longer payment extension, you can discuss this matter with Elo’s Customer Service by calling tel. +358 (0)20 694 730 on weekdays 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Can I choose to receive an e-invoice or online invoice?

Yes, you can receive your YEL invoice as an e-invoice, if, as an entrepreneur, you have listed yourself as the payer for your YEL insurance policy. You can make an e-invoicing agreement with your own online bank. Enter Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company as the invoicer and use your insurance policy number as the ID code.

Yes, you can receive your invoice as an online invoice, if you have listed your company as the payer for your YEL or TyEL insurance policies. Enter the online invoicing address for your company and you will receive all future invoices in electronic format. You can enter the necessary information directly into Elo’s Online Service.

Changes entered in the system will enter into force in connection with the next invoice.

Read more about online and e-invoicing from this link >

How do I adjust my YEL income?

The YEL income is automatically increased each year to correspond with the rise in the wage coefficient. If, however, there have been changes in your business activities and your YEL income needs updating, you can report your new income level through Elo’s Online Service or by using the Mobile App for Entrepreneurs.

If you have already received an invoice based on your earlier YEL income amount, you can dispose of it, because we will send you a new invoice soon after you have made the income adjustment. Remember that it is not possible to change your reported income retroactively. The change is always effective from the notification date, at the earliest.  

When and how can I terminate my YEL insurance policy?

If your entrepreneurial activities end altogether or your work decreases to the point at which your YEL income falls below the minimum for YEL (7,958.99 euro in 2020), you should terminate your YEL policy. The easiest way to submit your termination notification, even retroactively, is through Elo’s Online service. The insurance contributions will be collected up until the ending date of the policy.


What if the company form of my business changes?

A change in company form does not always require a change in your YEL insurance policy. It is, however, always a good idea to make sure that you still fall within the sphere of YEL insurance. Read more >

If you would like the invoices for your insurance contributions to be addressed to your new company, you must notify Elo separately of this matter by phone, at tel. +358 (0)20 694 730 (weekdays 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.) or by sending the information to us through Elo's Online Service. In order to confirm the change, we will need the business ID and address of your new company, as well as the date from which you would like the change to take effect.

If you want your company to be the user in Elo’s Online Service, you will need to make a new online service agreement for your new business ID. Take Elo’s Online Service into use here >

How can I get an insurance certificate?

TyEL and YEL insurance certificates are available in Elo’s Online Service. Sign in to the Online Service here >

If you are not yet using Elo’s Online Service, you can initiate use here >