What will change?

As an employer, the Incomes Register will mean that you will no longer report your employees’ payroll information on a monthly or annual basis to Elo but, instead, directly to the Incomes Register. Information on any salaries or wages paid in 2019 and onwards shall be reported to the Incomes Register no later than five days from the payment date. Thus, the reporting rate will be faster than it currently is, but it will be distributed more evenly throughout the year. You shall provide the information, by employee, separately for each salary/wage payment.

The annual calculation will no longer be carried out for salaries/wages paid in 2019. If the information reported by you is correct, the TyEL contributions will always reflect the actual, final amount. When accurate TyEL insurance contributions are calculated directly from each earnings payment report, there will no longer be any need to even out the contribution payments by means of an annual calculation.

The launch of the Incomes Register period does not require any measures on your part with regard to Elo. The notification method for your TyEL insurance will change, in any case, along with the shift to the Incomes Register. The TyEL insurance policy number, which for Elo insurances is in the form of 54-xxxxxxxx, is referred to as the pension policy number in the Incomes Register. When making reports to the Incomes Register, the earnings payment report should contain the pension policy number and the earnings-related pension provider code. The pension provider code for Elo is 54.

If you have temporary employees, you will report any wages paid to them in 2019 to the Incomes Register or to palkka.fi.

Prepare now for the use of the Incomes Register

Reduce the amount of manual work and take electronic invoicing into use now. Depending on your former notification method, your earnings payment reporting rate and the invoicing rhythm for TyEL insurance invoices may accelerate. You will receive one invoice for each salary payment month.

Check with the software provider of your payroll system that the necessary updates will be done to the system to enable it to be compatible with the Incomes Register immediately from 1 January 2019 onwards.

Make sure that the authorisations to sign for your company have been updated already during spring 2018 for any authorisations needed for the Incomes Register.

Submit the necessary authorisations for the use of the Incomes Register in the Suomi.fi service from 8 August 2018, if you want, for example, another person or an accounting firm to report earnings information to the Incomes Register on your behalf.

Reporting earnings payment information for 2018

Any earnings information for 2018 and corrections thereto that concern a time prior to 2019 should be reported to Elo in the current manner.

If you make annual notifications, submit the annual notification for your employees’ salaries/wages as you have done earlier. The annual notification for 2018 must be submitted between 1 December 2018 and 31 January 2019. If you make monthly notifications, we will generate an annual calculation for 2018 on the basis of the monthly notifications submitted by you. More detailed instructions on the completion of an annual notification are available from our website at www.elo.fi/annualnotification.

Reporting earnings payment information for 2019

Any information concerning salaries/wages paid in 2019 and corrections thereto must be reported to the Incomes Register.

You shall report any salaries and wages paid to employees who are insured under TyEL to the Incomes Register no later than on the fifth calendar day following the payment date. YEL and MYEL incomes will not be reported to the Incomes Register. The payment date is the day on which the paid salary/wages are available for the recipient to use; in other words, the date on which the funds can be withdrawn from the recipient’s account (the ‘pay day’).

The count of the five calendar days following the payment date includes any Saturday, Sunday or other holiday falling within that period, but if the due date for the submission of the report falls on a Saturday, Sunday or other holiday, the information can be reported on the next banking day.

Example 1: If the salary payment day for your employees is Thursday, 31 January 2019, then the five day time limit ends on Tuesday, 5 February 2019, which means that you must report Thursday’s earnings to the Incomes Register by Monday. In other words, a weekend or holiday that falls in the middle of the five-day time limit will not extend the deadline.

Example 2: If the salary payment day for your employees is Tuesday, 15 January 2019, the five-day time limit will end on Sunday, 20 January 2019. Since the due date for the reporting cannot be a Saturday, Sunday or other holiday, the deadline for reporting is extended to the following banking day, that is, Monday, 21 January 2019.

Read more about reporting and correcting information from the website of the Incomes Register >

Information concerning the retirement of an employee on old-age pension

In order to grant an old-age pension, we need the employee's earnings information and the ending date of the employment relationship. Report the earnings information and ending date of the employment relationship directly to the Incomes Register for any employee who is retiring. If the final salary/wages are paid after the end of the employment relationship, report the ending date of the employment relationship in the same report with the final salary/wage information. If you report earnings multiple times during the first month of retirement, remember to include the ending date of the employment relationship in each report.

Although the ending date of the employment relationship is considered voluntary information in the Incomes Register, it is necessary in order to grant an old-age pension.

Reports can be made to the Incomes Register in three ways:

Via a technical interface

The payroll system has a built-in electronic link to the Incomes Register that enables information to be sent directly. The submission of the report does not require a separate log-in process for the Incomes Register.

 Through the e-service

The information is given through the use of an online form or by uploading a file into the upload service provided in the Incomes Register website at www.tulorekisteri.fi. The reporting of the information will require a separate log-in process for the service in question.

By paper form (special circumstances)

Special circumstances can be regarded as situations in which the electronic submission of the data could not reasonably be required, such as when a natural person, estate, temporary employer or foreigner does not have the possibility to submit data electronically.

It will also be possible to use the Palkka.fi payroll calculation service, whereby the information will automatically transfer to the Incomes Register.

What will remain the same?

  • Elos Online Service will continue to be an important tool for you. It provides, for example, payment and pension information, and serves as a channel for paying invoices and printing out certificates.
  • Any earnings information for 2018 and corrections thereto should be reported to Elo.
  • Your invoices will still come from Elo.
  • Our personal and competent service.

Elo is here to help and support you

Elo's Online Service is always available for you to use whenever it's most convenient for you. For TyEL and YEL insurance matters, please call us at +358 (0)20 694 730 (weekdays 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m)