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How to submit annual and monthly notifications

The national Incomes Register will change the reporting of payroll information for TyEL insurance policies from the start of 2019. Therefore, now is the last time that you will need to submit annual or monthly notifications for TyEL insurance to Elo.

If possible, make your transition to the Incomes Register easier by submitting your payroll notifications for 2018 no later than 31 December 2018.

Annual notifications

The annual notification for 2018 must be submitted by 31 January 2019 at the latest.

Our online services make it easy to submit your annual notification. Elo is no longer accepting annual notifications on paper.

Monthly notifications

If you submit your 2018 monthly notifications to Elo by 31 December 2018, you will receive invoices for your TyEL insurance contributions based on each monthly notification as well as information about the final annual contribution calculated for the entire year.

The absolute deadline for submitting all monthly notifications for 2018 to Elo is 31 January 2019.

Our online services make it easy to submit your monthly notifications.

Submit your payroll notifications via Elo’s Online Service

The easiest method for submitting your payroll notifications is by using Elo’s Online Service. It offers you two convenient options for submitting the information:
  • Use the online notification form, which already contains data on any previously reported employees.
  • Use the file transfer function to submit a file generated by your payroll accounting software.

You don't yet have access to Elo's Online Service?

In addition to annual or monthly notifications, Elo’s Online Service enables you to conveniently manage all your TyEL insurance matters, thus optimizing your routines!

Read more about Elo’s Online Service >  
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Annual notification using the ELVI service

The ELVI service allows you to make your annual notification using a simple electronic form. This service is suitable for employers who have very little to report.

Who can use the ELVI service? Read more about the ELVI service (in Finnish) >

Notification via TYVI service

You can submit your annual or monthly notifications also via the TYVI service.

Read more about the TYVI services (in Finnish) >

Notification via Palkka.fi service

You can submit your annual or monthly notification through the Palkka.fi service, if you have used this system for payroll calculation.

Go to the Palkka.fi service (in Finnish) >

Are you operating internationally with no access to Elo’s online services?

In the TyEL notification, you shall report information concerning each employee aged 17-67 in 2018 for the purpose of calculating the TyEL insurance contribution and pensions.

Make sure that your annual notification includes the following details:
  • Employer’s name, insurance policy number and contact information
  • Employee’s name and personal ID
  • Employee’s earnings information for 2018
  • Starting and ending dates of employment.
Please submit your notifications
  • via our secure e-mail service. Please choose the option ‘TyEL insurance’.
  • on paper to Elo’s business reply address (Elo will pay the postage):


Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company

Code 5010419



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