Well-being at Work Services

Elo’s Well-being at Work Services are used to support client companies in their efforts to promote well-being at work and extend work careers.

Disability risk management assists company management in its efforts to reduce costs caused by illnesses and to exercise strategic management of work capacity. The strategic management of work capacity will ensure the employees’ abilities to function in a way that contributes to the achievement of the company’s objectives.

Well-being at Work Services include:

  • Status assessment and development plan
  • Tools for company use
  • Well-being at work training.

The aim of Elo’s Well-being at Work Services is to achieve effective collaboration with our client companies. For that reason, it is important that the company management commits to the implementation of actions that promote well-being at work and the development thereof. We are an active partner in the management of personnel risks.

We offer our client companies concrete guidelines and tools for use in development work as well as in daily management and supervisory work. Our tools can be accessed from the online service or you can contact one of our well-being at work experts.

Survey the well-being at work level among your personnel

The well-being of your personnel as concerns their work in your company can be measured in many different ways. The most common tools include work community or work satisfaction surveys. The activities of managers and key personnel can also be assessed in different ways. A summary of development discussions provides the company management with insight into the level of well-being at work and professional competence.

Elo’s Well-being at Work Services provide companies of all sizes with tools to survey the risks related to well-being at work within their own organisation.

Elo’s disability risk management experts will conduct a risk survey for large-scale employers. The aim of the risk survey is to analyse the disability risks within the company and to present concrete procedures and measures to minimise and manage these risks.

We also offer our clients well-being at work surveys to assist the company management in determining the level of well-being among the personnel and to assess the related risk factors.

For more information about the contents of the services, please contact our experts in Well-being at Work Services.