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Survey services

Elo’s survey services facilitate work ability management within your company and enhance the impact of the related activities

Investments in the well-being at work and work ability of the personnel contribute to the successful business operations of your company and generate significant savings. Take Elo’s work ability management tools into use and see the result.

Work ability risk indicator

Elo’s work ability risk indicator is a tool for surveying your company’s personnel and operational methods as well as any development needs related to competence as they relate to work ability management. Answer the survey questions and you will receive a feedback report on your company’s current situation and specific development suggestions for better work ability management. You can use the tool to implement targeted measures as a means of proactively developing those areas that are most in need. The survey is intended for company management or HR personnel and only takes a few minutes to complete. 

Work community status indicator

The free-of-charge work community survey and the related work community status indicator was developed for our customers through co-operation with our customers. The survey is comprised of five sub-areas: my work, the functioning of the work community, the activities of my immediate supervisor, competence and renewal, and work ability and resources. Respondents can answer the survey online either by using a computer or mobile device.

The summary report can be found from the company’s workspace at the end of the agreed response period. The responses can be reviewed at the team or overall company level, and for comparison, industry-specific data also accumulates by field. Later on, when the survey has been carried out multiple times, your company will be able to compare the latest results against earlier results. Elo’s development managers will provide support, both virtually and in person, for the purpose of interpreting the results and deciding on future measures.

You can acquire the survey for your own use by contacting the contact manager in your area or a work ability management expert.