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Tools in Elo’s Online Service 

Investments in the well-being at work and work ability of the personnel contribute to the successful business operations of your company and generate significant savings. Take Elo’s well-being at work service tools into use and see the result.

Overview of work ability management

In the overview, you can view the key indicators affecting work ability management, for example, the personnel age structure and the diagnosis distribution for granted work disability benefits within your own company and your industry in general. You can monitor the annual costs and investments related to work ability management and assess the impacts of implemented measures. You can access the overview in Elo’s Online Service.

 Self-assessment of work ability management

The self-assessment provides an overview of the current state of the operational methods affecting well-being at work and an opportunity to compare the company’s rating to that of other companies of similar size. It also helps your company to focus its well-being at work projects primarily on those issues that actually require improvement and, thereby, to increase the impact of the activities.

As part of the survey of the current state of work ability management, we examine, for example, the company’s co-operation, roles and areas of responsibility as well as the operational models being used to manage work ability. The aim is for all the company’s internal operational methods to be systematic and familiar to all parties in order to ensure that the personnel’s work ability is managed in a goal-oriented manner. You can access the self-assessment tool through Elo’s Online Service.

Project plan

A project plan facilitates the planning of development work and monitoring of goals related to work ability management. It helps your company to focus its development measures on the essential areas of development that arise in the survey of the company’s work ability management. It is advisable to include in the project plan the measures, objectives and indicators, persons in charge, detailed timetables and costs for each of the chosen development areas.

The questions in the project plan will also help the company to evaluate the impacts of already realised projects. Record the key results and consider how they are reflected in the agreed indicators. You can also evaluate the impact of the realised project on work ability management and the related costs. A well-being at work expert from Elo will assist you in this process. You can access the project plan through Elo’s Online Service.

Pensions and rehabilitation section

The Pensions and rehabilitation section of Elo's Online Service also provides essential information to support work ability management, including, for example, information about your company’s disability pension and rehabilitation cases and estimated cost impacts as well as information about future old-age pension cases.

Guides and brochures

The Handbook for Work Ability Management contains tools for daily management and operational models for more challenging situations. The tools help the supervisor to support the employees in their work and to reach their goals. 

An evidence-based guide intended to support those suffering from depression will help the entire workplace to support an employee with depression. The guide contains the best research results and combines it with professional expertise and the personal experiences of those suffering from depression.

The guides can be downloaded from Elo’s Online Service in Finnish, Swedish and English.