Work ability management training

Trainings in autumn 2019

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26.11.2019 | Work fit! | Helsinki

Objectives: The training will provide the participants with enhanced insight and skills to deal with challenges related to well-being at work.

Target group: Management, supervisors and persons responsible for work ability management


  • What is work ability/incapacity for work comprised of?
  • How do changes at work affect well-being at work?
  • Workload and coping at work
  • Should I work when I’m sick?
  • Presenteeism in the workplace 

Training includes: Expert lectures and discussions

Trainer: Tiina Alahautala, Master of Health Science, HR Legal Services Oy

8:30 Check-in and breakfast
9:00 Program begins
12:00 Summary and closing

This training is for Elo's customers only and it will be held in English.

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Learning programme ‘Työkykyjohtamisen taitaja’

(Currently available only in Finnish.)

We will be piloting this new programme in autumn 2019!


The purpose of the learning programme is to increase knowledge and understanding of the factors that influence work ability and to provide the basic information and practical tools that will enable the participants to develop work ability management within their own organisations.

The duration of the online learning programme is approximately 3 months. Online learning can be carried out whenever and wherever it best suits the trainee. The programme is comprised of guided modules that open every two weeks and a range of diverse interactive learning activities.

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