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Trainings in autumn 2019

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10.9.2019 | Introduction to manager’s rights and responsibilities in employment | Helsinki

Objectives of the training: The participants get a general understanding of employment law and basic rights and responsibilities in employment and how they affect taking action in challenging situations.

Target group: Management, managers and HR


  • Employment law as a foundation for managerial work – ’basics in place’
    • Introduction to employment law and its principles in Finland
    • Basic rights and responsibilities in employment – how to use the employer’s right to direct and supervise the performance of work?
    • What does equal treatment and non-discrimination require from employer? When is it allowed to treat your employees differently?
    • Employment agreement and principal terms of work – how to change the terms and conditions of employment?
  • Legal framework for intervention
    • When and how to take action in challenging situations? How to recognize performance issues? What to do if the employee’s working capacity is at risk?    
  • Case rehearsals    

Contents: Introduction to the basics of employment law by an employment lawyer and case rehearsals

Trainer: Senior Advisor, LL.M. Anna-Maria Wassman, HR Legal Services Oy. Anna-Maria works as a Senior Advisor in HR Legal Services Oy and has over 10 years of experience in the field of HR and employment law. 

8:30 Check-in and breakfast
9:00 Program begins
12:00 Summary and closing

This training is for Elo's customers only and it will be held in English.

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Learning programme ‘Työkykyjohtamisen taitaja’

(currently available only in Finnish.)

We will be piloting this new programme in autumn 2019!

The purpose of the learning programme is to increase knowledge and understanding of the factors that influence work ability and to provide the basic information and practical tools that will enable the participants to develop work ability management within their own organisations.

The duration of the online learning programme is approximately 3 months. Online learning can be carried out whenever and wherever it best suits the trainee. The programme is comprised of guided modules that open every two weeks and a range of diverse interactive learning activities.

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