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Vocational rehabilitation

The purpose of vocational rehabilitation is to support one’s ability to cope at work. The vocational rehabilitation provided by Elo may be an option for you if it is no longer possible for you to carry out your current work tasks due to an illness or injury and you are facing a threat of disability. Vocational rehabilitation also enables you to return to working life after a temporary disability pension or a rehabilitation subsidy period.

Always discuss vocational rehabilitation first with your occupational health service or other health care professional, and ask them to provide you with a medical statement B to attach to your vocational rehabilitation application. Log in to Elo’s Online Service and apply for vocational rehabilitation. 

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Information for rehabilitation benefit recipient

  • Instructions for students receiving vocational rehabilitation
  • Taxation of benefits
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Eligibility for vocational rehabilitation

Elo can support your vocational rehabilitation if:

  • You are under your lowest pensionable age;
  • There is a risk that you will need to retire with disability pension within the next few years;
  • You have several years of professional and work experience;
  • Your earnings from the previous five calendar years total at least 36 820,43 euro (in 2021);
  • You are not entitled to vocational rehabilitation as the result of an accident or traffic injury; and
  • You are working or your work ended a relatively short time ago.

Manage your pension and rehabilitation matters online

In Elo’s Online Pension Service, you can do the following:

  • Get an estimate of the rehabilitation allowance.
  • Apply for rehabilitation.
  • Submit a rehabilitation plan.
  • Apply for rehabilitation cost reimbursements.

Rehabilitation plan

A proper rehabilitation plan is an essential part of successful rehabilitation. It’s a good idea to begin drafting your rehabilitation plan as soon as possible after receiving your preliminary decision. A successful plan calls for a proactive attitude and co-operation with the occupational health service and HR representatives of your workplace.

If drafting the plan by yourself feels like an overwhelming or even impossible task, please contact our rehabilitation experts, as we can, if necessary, offer you the assistance of a service provider in planning your rehabilitation.

When drawing up your plan, consider the following aspects:
- Is there a way you can take advantage of earlier work experience or training?
- What is your health situation; what are the possible limitations and how will the plan support you in the future?
- Provision of subsistence during or after rehabilitation?

The rehabilitation plan is submitted to Elo along with the preliminary application or using a separate application form. The expediency of the plan is always assessed on a case-by-case basis. The intention is always to take advantage of your earlier training and work history as part of the vocational rehabilitation.

Once the plan has been fully drawn up, you can submit it to us using a separate form through our Online Pension Service. 

Vocational rehabilitation methods

The forms of vocational rehabilitation include the following:

A work trial or work coaching

  • In your own or a new job.
  • Standard duration: 3–6 months.


  • Training for a new occupation within the workplace; the employer pays the wages.
  • Often includes the teaching of theory at a relevant educational institution.
  • Agreed on with a local vocational apprenticeship agency.

Vocational retraining

  • For example, shorter refresher courses or longer studies for a vocational qualification.
  • Maximum duration: 4.5 years.

Support for the start-up or continuation of entrepreneurial activities

  • Assistive devices
  • Work trial

Preliminary decision regarding the eligibility for rehabilitation

When you apply for vocational rehabilitation, you will receive a decision from Elo regarding your eligibility status. If you are deemed by Elo to be eligible, you will receive a preliminary decision that is valid for nine months. This period of time is intended to be used for the drafting of the rehabilitation plan and actual initiation of the rehabilitation.

The preliminary decision will contain an estimate of the rehabilitation allowance that you will receive throughout the period in which active rehabilitation measures are taking place. You can apply for a preliminary decision even though you do not yet have a completed rehabilitation plan.

Subsistence during rehabilitation

During the period in which active rehabilitation measures are taking place, you will be paid a rehabilitation allowance or increased rehabilitation subsidy and reimbursements for any crucial and necessary rehabilitation-related costs. It is also possible to get a business subsidy intended for self-employed persons engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

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Are you a vocational rehabilitation student?

Elo is here to help and support you

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