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Insurance matters: TyEL and YEL matters

Through the service, you can: 

• Submit annual or monthly insurance notifications
• Change the advance payroll amount
• Change the YEL income amount
• Request a payment extension
• Access and print certificates
• Terminate an insurance policy
• Monitor your company’s rehabilitation and disability pension cases and their impact on the premium category

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Pension matters

Through the service, you can:
• Review your pension record
• Get an estimate of your pension amount
• Apply for rehabilitation, old-age pension or partial old-age pension
• As a pension recipient, increase the tax rate, change the bank account or print your pension certificate
• As a rehabilitation beneficiary apply for travel costs.

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An occasional employer’s notification concerning wages paid in 2018

You can use the form opening below to make your TyEL notification concerning the wages you paid to your employees in 2018 as an occasional employer Elo will send you an invoice for the TyEL contribution based on this notification.

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TyEL insurance management

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