Information for pension and rehabilitation benefit recipients

This page contains important information for pension and benefit recipients about the payment of the pensions and benefits and, for example, about working alongside pension. 
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Pension and benefit payments

The payment date for pensions and rehabilitation allowances is the first banking day of each month. If the first day of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, the payment will be made on the next business day.  

Elo’s dates for the payment of pensions and rehabilitation allowances in 2019

2 January                  2 May                   2 September
1 February                3 June                  1 October
1 March                    1 July                    1 November
1 April                       1 August               2 December

The first payment of the pension and rehabilitation allowance is made after the issuance of the decision

You will receive the first payment of your pension or benefit approximately one week after the decision has been issued or at the start of the commencement month stated in the decision. All subsequent payments will be on the first banking day of each month. You can check the next payment date via Elo’s Online Pension Service.

Pension recipient

We have compiled important information for you about the taxation of your pension, working while receiving pension and the payment of pensions abroad.

Rehabilitation benefit recipient

We have compiled important information about the taxation of rehabilitation benefits and guidelines for students receiving vocational rehabilitation.

Manage your pension and rehabilitation matters online

In Elo’s Online Pension Service you can do the following:

    • Check the next payment date and tax percentage.
    • Inform about changes to an account number or contact information.
    • Increase your tax rate.
    • Print a pension certificate.
    • Order a new pension card.
    • Apply for reimbursement of travel expenses connected with vocational rehabilitation or for a pension accrued from work done alongside pension or a continued pension.
    • Take the paperless service into use, whereby you will have access to all documents concerning your pension or benefit directly through Elo’s Online Pension Service.

Manage your pension and benefit matters and keep your information up-to-date

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Change of bank account
Your pension or benefit is paid to the account that you have submitted in your application. In order to ensure data protection, we cannot receive any account number changes by phone or email. If you want to change the account to which your pension or benefit is paid, the easiest way is to do it online through Elo’s Online Pension Service.    
Pension certificate
You may need a certificate showing the amount of your pension and pensions paid, for example, when handling matters at the tax office. A certificate with your pension amount can be printed from Elo’s Online Pension Service.

Changes in contact information
If your address, email address or phone number change, you can submit a notification of change in Elo’s Online Pension Service under the Personal information tab. While logged in, you can also choose to take the paperless service into use, whereby you will have direct access to all future pension documents in Elo’s Online Pension Service.
Pension card
For those who have received a decision concerning old-age pension and disability pension, the pension card will be sent to their home within two weeks. The pension card is not granted to those receiving a rehabilitation subsidy, partial disability pension, part-time pension, partial early old-age pension or survivors’ pension.

To get any discounts granted for pensioners, remember to show your pension card when purchasing products and services. The pension card serves as proof of your pensioner status, also when abroad.

If you lose the card, you can order a new one through Elo’s Online Pension Service.

Information for different life situations

Elo is here to help and support you

Elo's Online Pension Service enables you to manage your pension and benefit matters whenever it’s most convenient for you. For pension and benefit matters, please call us at +358 (0)20 694 717 (weekdays 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.)