Pension record

 The pension record shows the earnings and work history on the basis of which you have accrued pension.

Here’s how it works:

1. Review the record carefully:

If the information is correct, you do not need to do anything. If there is missing or incorrect information in your pension record, request a correction.

2. Request a correction if necessary:

If information in your pension record needs to be corrected, send a free-form request for the correction by email to The submitted request must include the specific information to be corrected and your contact information.

The processing time for a request is approximately six (6) months. You will receive a written response from Elo when the matter has been clarified. Check if any further correction is needed.


3. Select the online pension record.

Take the online pension record into use and then you can check the record whenever it is convenient for you. In this case, you will no longer receive the pension record by mail.

Online pension record

You can review your pension record at any time in Elo’s Online Pension Service. At the same time, you can elect to take the online pension record into use and notify Elo if you notice that information is incorrect or missing from your pension record.

The payroll information for 2018 will be updated in the online pension record between the months of January and March. Payroll information for 2019 may appear in the record even before the information for the previous year is updated. If you review your pension record in the Online Pension Service after March, you will no longer receive a pension record by mail during the current year. If you have already chosen to take the online pension record into use, you will no longer receive the record by mail.

Pension records by mail

Pension records are sent to those persons aged 18–67 who live in Finland and are not yet retired and are employed in the private sector. You will receive the pension record from the employment pension company in which your employment was insured at the end of the previous year. If your employment ended already earlier than the end of the previous year, the company under which you were most recently insured will send you the pension record.

The pension record is sent to all insured persons every third year. During 2019, Elo will be sending out pension records between August and October. The pension record will only be sent to those born during the months from January to April. Those who were born in or after 1960 will receive their pension record from Elo each year. 

Frequently asked questions and answers about the pension record

Why is this year’s information missing from my pension record?

The pension record on paper primarily shows the payroll information up until the end of the previous year. The online pension record also shows payroll information for the current year. If you wish, you can check your pension record at any time via Elo’s Online Pension Service at

Why is last year’s information missing from my pension record?
The payroll information for 2018 is updated in the pension record at some point between January and March. Any social benefits received in 2018, for which you accrue pension, will generally appear in the pension record as of April 2019. It is possible that payroll information for 2019 may appear in the record before the information for the previous year is updated.

How do I know whether my employment history meets the requirement for a job alternation leave or adult education allowance?

Unemployment funds and Kela use the information in the pension record when calculating the length of your employment history as required for a job alternation leave. For further information about the calculation of your employment history, please contact your own unemployment fund. If you are not a member of any unemployment fund, you can request help from Kela.

You can apply for an adult education allowance from the Employment Fund, which also uses the information in the pension record to calculate the length of your employment history. For further information, contact the Employment Fund or utilise their online Employment history calculator.

I have completed a degree from which I should accrue pension, so why doesn’t it appear on my pension record?
The information about any vocational basic qualification or university degree appears on your pension record in the spring of the year following your graduation. Pension is not accrued from degrees or qualifications completed prior to the year 2005. 
Information related to my employment in the public sector is missing from my pension record. How do I proceed?
Keva is the pension company responsible for pension insurance in the public sector. If your pension record is missing earnings information from public sector employments, please notify Keva.
Why does the life expectancy coefficient reduce the amount of my pension?
The life expectancy coefficient is a tool that adapts the future monthly pensions to cover longer potential lifespans and encourages people to continue working. If the average life expectancy continues to increase, the life expectancy coefficient will reduce the amount of monthly pensions. If you want to retain the pension level you would receive without the impact of the life expectancy coefficient, you will need to work longer. The life expectancy coefficient cannot ever be totally eliminated, but its impact can be lessened. 
What are LEL and TaEL earnings?
LEL earnings refer to income paid between 1962–2007 for insured building, farming, forestry and harbour work.

TaEL earnings refer to income paid between 1986–2007 for work carried out as an artist or journalist. Between 1998–2007, TaEL earnings could also derive from short employment relationships, i.e., intermittent work, in the private sector.

The new Employees Pensions Act (TyEL) that entered into force at the beginning of 2007 replaced the former acts concerning TaEL and LEL pensions.

The pension record should be checked to ensure that the annual earnings from any LEL and TaEL employments have been registered correctly. If the LEL and TaEL earnings are listed under incorrect months, but the annual earnings are correct, this does not affect your pension security and the pension provider does not need to be informed.

What is meant by the earnings basis?
The earnings basis refers to the earnings that serve as the basis for calculating benefits or pensions and to unsalaried benefits from which it has been agreed that pension is accrued. 
What is a target pensionable age?
A target pensionable age is the age to which one should work in order to counteract the reduction to the monthly pension caused by the life expectancy coefficient. 
How does the increment for deferred retirement affect the amount of my pension?
Remaining in working life longer pays off in the end. Your pension will be increased if you continue to work beyond your lowest pensionable age for old-age pension. The increase amounts to 0.4% for each month that the retirement is deferred. If, for example, you delay the commencement of old-age pension by one year, your accrued pension will be permanently increased by 4.8%.

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