Apply for your pension

The 3 necessary steps to apply for a pension:

 Check the amount of your future pension
   Apply for the pension     
   Request a pension tax card from the tax authority


Your estimated pension amount                                                    

You can get an estimate of your future pension from the Online Pension Service. Log in to the Online Service using your personal online banking codes.                                                            

Identify yourself in the Online Service using your personal online banking codes.   


Applying for a pension                                                

You can use the same application form to apply for the payment of a private and public-sector employment pension and a national pension.                                                                                                                  

You can apply for old-age pension and partial early old-age pension through the Online Pension Service. It is recommended that you submit your application approximately two weeks before you intend to retire.                                                       

Pension application forms                                   

You will need the Adobe Reader application to open and print the forms. You can upload the application, free of charge, from the Adobe website at >                                                                                                   

Printable pension applications in PDF format (Työelä >

Applying for a pension from abroad

If you reside in Finland, you can apply for pension from an EU or EEA country or a country with which Finland has a social security agreement using the same application form which you use when applying for a pension from Finland. 

The Finnish Centre for Pensions will send your application to the relevant country. You will need to submit an Appendix U form with your application.

If you have worked in a country that does not fall into these categories, you will need to personally claim your pension from the country in question. For more information about claiming your pension from another country, visit the Työelä website.

Submission of application forms


Complete, print and sign the application form. If necessary, you can also get the application form from any of the branch offices of Fennia, LocalTapiola, Turva or Kela.                                                       

Submission by mail


Elo will pay the postage fee if you address the letter to:                                                                 


Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company                                            

Pension Services                                                          

Code 5010419                                                               

FI-00003 HELSINKI, FINLAND                                                           


Submission by e-mail


We only recommend e-mail submissions if you use Elo’s secure e-mail service. Remember to sign your application form. The submission of application forms by e-mail requires the scanning of the signed application form. Send your e-mail to Elo at elakeasiakirjat(at)                                                                

Send protected e-mail >                                                

Submission to branch offices of Elo’s partners                                                         

You can also submit your application form to a branch office of LocalTapiola, Fennia, Turva or Kela. These offices can also advise you on how to fill in the form.