The date of pension payment is the first day of the moth during which the banks are open. In case the first day of the month is either Saturday or a holiday, pension will be paid on the following working day.

Your pension will be paid to the account you have provided us. A minor person’s family pension will usually be paid to the guardian of interests. With the permission of the guardian, the pension can also paid to the minor’s own account.

We will inform you of the payment of your first pension by sending post.

Payment days of pensions for the year 2018:

January, 2nd                
May, 2nd                    
September, 3rd
February, 1st June, 1st October, 1st
March, 1st July, 2nd November, 1st
April, 3rd August, 1st December, 3rd


Notify of changes to your bank account number

If the bank account number for your pension payments changes, please submit a change notification through the Online Pension Service.

You can also notify Elo of a change of your bank account number by mail. Simply print out the Bank account change form, fill it out, sign it and mail it to Elo.

Bank account change form (pdf) >

You can also send a free-form written notification that includes the new bank account number as well as your name, personal ID number, the name of your bank and your signature.

Pension taxation

Employment pension is taxable income. Request a pension tax card from the tax authority as soon as possible when you retire. The tax authority will send the tax card directly to Elo.

After the first year in which your pension is paid out, Elo will automatically receive your withholding percentage directly from the tax authority. You will also receive the percentage information from the tax authority for your own records. 

You must request the withholding percentage for your pension from the tax authority as soon as possible when you retire.

You can raise your tax percentage in the Online Pension Service.

Pension certificate

You will receive a certificate stating the amount of your monthly pension and the paid pensions electronically through the Online Pension Service.

The certificate can be used when, for example, you are handling personal matters at the tax office, at Kela or with social service authorities.

Pension card

When you retire permanently, you can get a pension card that entitles you to discounts for pensioners. You can get a pension card if you are receiving:

  • Old-age pension
  • Early old-age pension
  • Disability pension; or
  • Unemployment pension

The pension card will be sent to your home address within one month as an enclosure to your pension decision.

If you are permanently retired but have not, for some reason, received your pension card, or if you have lost the card, you can order a new one through Elo’s Online Pension Service.

You will receive the new card within about four weeks from the order date.

Working while receiving pension

You are allowed to work without limitations while receiving an old-age pension or partial early old-age pension.

You can also work while receiving disability, partial disability or part-time pension, but in these cases, there are limitations to how much one can earn. Elo will assist you in clarifying your earnings limitations.