Vocational rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation assists in extending your working life despite any health constraints. Is rehabilitation the right solution for you?

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Back to working life through rehabilitation

The purpose of vocational rehabilitation is to find a job where you can work successfully regardless of a possible illness, disability or injury. Rehabilitation can take the form of:

Work trial or job coaching
Study support
Business subsidies for self-employed persons and entrepreneurs



Applying for rehabilitation
Rehabilitation is intended for those returning to work after an extended sick leave or who are no longer able to carry out their current work tasks due to health constraints. Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company can provide support for your vocational rehabilitation if:

  • - You are under 63 years of age
  • - There is a risk that you will need to retire with disability pension within the next few years
  • - You have several years of professional and work experience
  • - Your earnings from the previous five calendar years is at least €34,910.29
  • - You are not entitled to vocational rehabilitation as the result of an accident or traffic injury, and
  • - You are employed or your work ended a relatively short time ago.

Apply for rehabilitation by logging in to Elo’s Online Pension Service using your personal online banking codes.

You can also apply for rehabilitation by completing, printing and mailing the application to us.

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Financial security during rehabilitation
During the period of rehabilitation, you will receive either a rehabilitation allowance or fixed-term disability pension with a 33 per cent increase. You can get an estimate of the rehabilitation allowance and disability pension amount from Elo’s Online Pension Service. Log in to the service using your personal online banking codes.