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Elo´s year 2018

Responsibility is part of our basic task. Elo looks after its customers´pension interests.

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We bear responsibility for our customers’ present day and future

The key objective of our operations is to secure the pension cover of our customers. Responsibility is an integral part of all of Elo’s activities. We want to further develop the responsibility of our operations, taking into account the challenges of our changing operating environment, such as climate change, ageing population, declining birth rate and reducing dependency ratio.

Satu Huber


Responsible investments

In 2018, engagement was in the focus of responsible investments. We took part in several initiatives by consortiums of investors to combat climate change and engaged in active dialogue with our investments and other stakeholders. 

Responsibility for the personnel

We want to be an appreciated and developing work community where everyone can experience success. Implementing the vision in day-to-day work is our way of carrying our responsibility for the personnel.

We take care of current and future pensioners

We are responsible for the pension security of 237,900 current pensioners and more than 520,000 future pensioners. Pyrimme siihen, että asiointi kanssamme sujuu vaivattomasti ja virheettömästä sekä asiakkaitamme kohdellaan tasapuolisesti ja oikeudenmukaisesti. 

Compliance makes rules and guidelines part of everyday work

Compliance is part of responsible culture. Elo’s Code of Conduct specifies how Elo acts in different situations. It is based on the cornerstones and operating models of the corporate culture, describing the type of activities to which Elo and Elo employees commit, and how we act on a daily basis