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Pension record

The pension record shows the earnings, different benefits, and work history on the basis of which you have accrued pension.
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From 2022 the record that is sent to your home address contains data only from the current and previous six years. You can check your entire work history on the online pension record. 


Here’s how it works:

1. Review the record carefully:

If the information is correct, you do not need to do anything. If there is missing or incorrect information in your pension record, request a correction.

2. Request a correction if necessary:

If information in your pension record needs to be corrected, send a free-form request for the correction by email to Otepalvelu@elo.fi. The submitted request must include the specific information to be corrected and your contact information.

The processing time for a request is approximately six (6) months. You will receive a written response from Elo when the matter has been clarified. Check if any further correction is needed.


3. Select the online pension record.

Take the online pension record into use and then you can check the record whenever it is convenient for you. In this case, you will no longer receive the pension record by mail.

Online pension record

You can review your pension record at any time in Elo’s Online Service. At the same time, you can elect to take the online pension record into use and notify Elo if you notice that information is incorrect or missing from your pension record.

If you review your pension record in the Online Service after March, you will no longer receive a pension record by mail during the current year. If you have already chosen to take the online pension record into use, you will no longer receive the record by mail.

Pension records by mail

Pension records are sent to those persons aged 17–69 who live in Finland and are not yet retired and are employed in the private sector. The record contains data only from the current and previous six years. You will receive the pension record from the employment pension company in which your employment was insured at the end of the previous year. If your employment ended already earlier than the end of the previous year, the company under which you were most recently insured will send you the pension record.

The pension record is sent to all insured persons every third year. During 2023, Elo will be sending out pension records between August and October. The pension record will only be sent to those born during the months from May to August. Those who were born in or after 1962 will receive their pension record from Elo each year. 

Frequently asked questions and answers about the pension record

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