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The earnings-related pension amount and pension record

Earnings-related pension accrues from work. The longer you work, the higher a pension you will receive. The pension accrues for employees from annual earnings and for self-employed persons from the YEL income in accordance with age-related accrual percentages. Pension is also accrued from some social benefits and work done alongside a pension. The life expectancy coefficient will have a reducing effect on the amount of pensions.

Elo’s Online Service gives you access to information about the amount of your future pension and enables you to check your pension estimate and pension record. Self-employed persons can also take advantage of Elo’s YEL calculation service (YEL-laskuri).

Manage your pension and rehabilitation matters online

In Elo’s Online Service, you can do the following:

  • Review the estimates for:
    • Old-age pension 
    • Partial early old-age pension and the subsequent old-age pension
    • Disability pension and partial disability pension
    • Rehabilitation allowance
  • Review your pension record.

YEL calculation service

As a self-employed person, you also have access to the YEL calculation service that enables you to see how the amount of your YEL income will affect your future earnings-related pension, YEL insurance contributions and different social benefits, such as the sickness allowance. If you need to take YEL insurance, you can use the service to calculate the price of the insurance, compare the impacts of the different payment methods on the insurance contributions, and complete an insurance application.
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