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YEL calculator

Estimate your insurance contributions and determine your optimal amount of YEL income 

What is the cost of YEL insurance?

The YEL calculator shows you the cost of your YEL insurance policy and enables you to compare the impact of different payment methods on your insurance contributions. If you are just starting out as a self-employed person, the calculation will also include a 22% discount for starting entrepreneurs. If you so choose, you can proceed directly from the calculator to applying for YEL insurance from Elo.

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What is the optimal YEL income amount for me?

The YEL calculator will help you to determine a suitable YEL income amount both at the start of your entrepreneurial activities and later as they become more established. YEL income serves as the basis for your YEL insurance contributions and social security as a self-employed person. 
Enter your field of business and the estimated turnover of your company into the YEL calculator and it will calculate a recommended YEL income for you. The recommendation is based on the median salary of your field of business and your entered turnover. The common YEL income calculation service shared by all pension companies is used for the calculation of the recommended YEL income.

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What does the YEL income affect?

Your YEL income serves as the basis for calculating your YEL insurance contributions and, in the future, your pension. In addition to earnings-related pension, your YEL income also affects various social benefits, such as the sickness allowance. The YEL calculator shows the impact of the amount of your YEL income on the level of your future earnings-related pension and different social benefits.

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It is important to ensure that your YEL income level remains up-to-date throughout your entrepreneurial career. Illnesses, accidents, unemployment and ageing are situations in which the YEL income determines the social security benefits of a self-employed person. 

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Help with taking insurance

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