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We welcome you to become a user of Elo's Online Service!

Elo’s Online Service makes managing the TyEL and YEL insurance matters quick and easy. Whether you are an employer, entrepreneur or accounting firm representative, the service provides you with everything you need to manage employment pension insurance matters. The same service also gives you access to company's rehabilitation and pension information, and provides large-scale employers with tools intended to manage work disability risks and the related costs.

Elo’s Online Service for TyEL and YEL insurance management  will be inoperative on Saturday 18 September from 7 a.m. till 10 a.m.  We apologize in advance for any possible inconvenience this may cause.

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Among other things, Elo’s Online Service enables you to:

  • Print out certificates
  • Adjust the YEL income
  • Request a payment extension for an invoice
  • Terminate an insurance policy
  • Monitor the company’s rehabilitation and disability pension cases.

Annual summaries for your TyEL insurance are now available in Elo’s Online Serv

You can now find summaries of the 2020 payroll and contribution information for your TyEL insurance policy in Elo’s Online Service. The summaries contain information retrieved from the Incomes Register concerning earnings insured under TyEL and related contributions by payment date and employee.

You will find the annual summaries under the Certificates and calculation reports tab for TyEL insurance.

Remember to check that all payroll information you have reported to the Incomes Register is accurate. If you notice something that needs to be corrected in the payroll information, submit the necessary corrections directly to the Incomes Register.

I intend to manage my own insurance or my company's insurance matters online

Initiate an Online Service Agreement

Take Elo’s Online Service into use by signing an Online Service Agreement.

I authorise another company to manage my own or my company's insurance matters online:

Complete an Authorisation form

if you would like another company, e.g., an accounting firm, to manage insurance matters on your behalf in Elo’s Online Service.

You’ll gain access to the service

As an individual with the right to sign for the business, you have immediate access to our Online Service. If you do not have the right to sign for the business, you can send the Agreement by secured e-mail, signed by someone who has the right to sign for the business, to us by e-mail at verkkopalvelusopimus@elo.fi or by mail to the address found on the Agreement.

Send the Authorisation form

You can send the signed Authorisation form to us by e-mail to verkkopalvelusopimus@elo.fi or by mail to the address found on the Authorisation form.

Log in

Log in to the Online Service using your personal online banking codes or  mobile certificate.

Confirmation of authorisation

We will send the authorised company an email containing the necessary information once your Authorisation form has been processed by Elo and the service is ready to be accessed.