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Terms and conditions for the use of Elo’s website

© Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company 2020, terms and conditions of use

General terms and conditions of use

When accessing Elo’s website, the user (hereinafter customer) undertakes to comply with these general terms and conditions of use. The customer is not authorised to access the site without first accepting the terms and conditions in their entirety.

The website may also contain service-specific terms and conditions, which the service user must accept and which are only secondarily applicable to these general terms and conditions.

The use and limitations of liability concerning the website

Elo’s website (including the services available on the website) is published online without obligation and as is. Elo has endeavoured to thoroughly ensure the accuracy of its site content. The information on the site is, however, general in nature and, thus, Elo does not guarantee its applicability to all individual cases.

Elo is not liable for the accuracy of the information presented on its website or for any possible costs, losses or incurred direct or indirect damages related to the use of this information.
The information presented on the website cannot be viewed as a binding offer, request, commitment or other obligation for Elo, unless otherwise stated.

The successful delivery of any message generated through the use of the site is the sole responsibility of the customer. Elo is not liable for the integrity or stability of messages sent through its website. The user is liable for ensuring that no illegal or inappropriate materials are sent through Elo’s website or electronic services. The user shall ensure that any materials being sent are free from viruses or other damaging content.

Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed for messages (e.g., unprotected e-mail or chat service messages) that are sent over an open data network. If customers choose to send messages that contain confidential information to Elo via an unprotected connection, they do so at their own risk. Upon the customer’s request, Elo has the right to deliver, via e-mail, general information to the e-mail address specified by the customer. Elo is not liable for the online disclosure of information or for any resulting direct or indirect damages, if such information has been sent via an unprotected e-mail connection.

Elo is also not liable for any service interruptions or damage caused by possible technical disturbances such as telecommunications failures, data system faults, malware or data security risks. Elo does not guarantee that its website and the services offered therein are accessible on a continuous or uninterrupted basis.

This website is intended specifically for the Finnish market.


The proprietary rights, copyrights and other immaterial rights to this website belong to Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company or a third party.

No one may publish, distribute, transfer, copy, reproduce, store or otherwise utilise the website or a portion thereof without the advance written consent of Elo. However, customers have permission to save individual pages on their own computer or to print them for their own use. When quoting the website, the source must always be stated.

Links to third-party websites

The links in Elo’s website to third-party websites are only intended to be informative.

Elo is not liable in any way for the content or services on the websites offered and maintained by third parties, nor for their accuracy or legality.

The use of customer information in marketing

Information provided by the customer via the website can be used for direct marketing purposes in the manner permitted by virtue of the currently valid legislation.

Collection of information related to transactions (cookies)

Elo uses cookies on its open website and in the log-in process required for the use of Elo’s Online Service. Cookies are small text files that are stored by the Internet browser on the user’s device. 

Elo’s open website uses cookies to analyse visitor traffic, target information, enable the chat function and provide online marketing. The objective for the use of cookies is to ensure the best possible customer experience for Elo customers.

The cookies store data concerning the user's IP address, the time of the visit, the pages visited, the device and browser type used and the online address from which the user has entered Elo's website. When a customer logs in to Elo’s Online Service, the information is also combined with information found in our customer register. This enables us to gain information for our register about the customer’s online activities, such as information about whether the customer has taken Elo’s Online Service into use. Similarly, the cookies can store group level information (such as a company’s size or customer segment) based on Elo’s customer register. This information is then pseudonymised to prevent the identification of any individual user from the data sets or combinations thereof.    

Elo does not disclose any information collected with the help of cookies to any third parties.

The user can manage the use of cookies using this tool or by changing the data security settings in the browser. Please note that any of Elo’s services that require logging in will not work if the use of cookies is disabled.

External services that use cookies in Elo’s website:

Facebook: Improving user experience, targeting information and marketing, analysing website use.
Leadoo:  Improving user experience
LinkedIn: Improving user experience, targeting information and marketing, analysing website use.
Surveypal: Surveying the customer experience
React&Share: analysing website use and collecting response
YouTube: Improving user experience
Slideshare: Improving user experience

Changes to the terms and conditions of use and/or Elo’s website

Elo has the right, at any point, to change these terms and conditions of use, the content, appearance and availability of its website and the services therein, or the requirements of the hardware and software that are necessary for the use of the site, or cancel a service or deny a user access to the site.

Applicable law

These terms and conditions are governed by Finnish law.

Manage Your cookie settings

Use the link below to view and edit your cookie settings.

Manage cookie settings

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