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In the Online Service you can manage your pension and benefit matters

You can manage your pension and benefit matters online: the Online Service provides you with information about your own earnings-related pension security and enables you to apply for pension and benefits.

Elo’s pension recipients or those in vocational rehabilitation can manage their pension and benefit matters within the service. Any customers who have selected the paperless service will receive all documents directly to the Online Service.

Using Elo’s Online Service is easy

1. Log in to the Online Pension Service

Log in to the service using your personal online banking codes or with a mobile certificate.

2. Manage your pension and benefit matters

The Online Pension Service enables you, for example, to apply for pensions and benefits.

3. Log out of the service

Remember to click on “Log out” before you close the service. Empty your browser memory and page history, and remember to close all browser windows.

In the Online Service you can:

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