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Company Management

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer handles the running administration of the company in accordance with the instructions and directions of the Board of Directors. The Chief Executive Officer is appointed by the Board of Directors.

As of 7 October 2021, Carl Pettersson, B.Sc. (Econ.), EMBA will act as Elo's CEO (born in 1979). 

Carl Pettersson's CV >

Executive Group

The Executive Group, consisting of directors appointed by the Board of Directors, assists the Chief Executive Officer in the company’s operative management and planning of operations. The Executive Group is involved in, for example, preparing any matters related to the company’s strategy, budgeting and organisation for the Board of Directors.

The Executive Group at Elo consists of:

Carl Pettersson

Carl Pettersson
Born 1979, B.Sc. (Econ.), EMBA

Mika Ahonen

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Director, Legal Affairs, Communications, Compliance 
Born 1967, Master of Laws 

Matti Carpén

Matti Carpén
Director, Customer Relations and Customer Channels, ICT
Born 1960, Master of Science (Eng.) 

Hanna Hiidenpalo

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Director, Chief Investment Officer
substitute for the CEO
Born 1966, Master of Science (Econ.)

Mikko Karpoja

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Director, Actuarial Services, Appointed Actuary 
Born 1962, M.Sc., Fellow of the Actuarial Society of Finland 

Sarianne Kirvesmäki

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Director, Finance and Investment Risk Supervision
Born 1966, B.Sc., MBA

Hilkka Malinen

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Director, Human Resources
Born 1963, M.A.

Jonna Ryhänen

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Director, Securities Division 
Born 1975, M.Sc.

Jouni Seppänen

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Director, Pensions and Insurance Policies
Born 1969, M.Soc.Sc.

Other directors

Director of Well-being at Work Anu Suutela-Vuorinen
Development Director Sanna Laakso
Director of Sales Tom Kurtén - responsible for sales collaboration with Fennia
Director of Sales Susan Sajantila - responsible for sales collaboration with LocalTapiola 
Marketing Director Joni Tikkanen 
Development Director Eero Sallasmaa
Director of Financial Services Tarja Anttila 
Director of Legal Affairs  Harri Christensen 
Director of Public Relations Katja Veirto 
Chief Audit Executive Anne Nurminen 
Chief Actuary Cecilia Åkerlund-Biström

Medical insurance specialists

Senior Physician Liisamari Krüger 
Medical insurance specialist Lotta Autio
Medical insurance specialist Hannele Heilä 
Medical insurance specialist Timo Honkanen
Medical insurance specialist Sirkku Martti 
Medical insurance specialist Mikko Nykänen 
Medical insurance specialist Rauni Pietilä
Medical insurance specialist Anita Riipinen 
Senior Medical Advisor Tanja Rokkanen
Medical insurance specialist Juhani Rämö 
Medical insurance specialist Tuula Rönkkö-Kuivalainen 
Medical insurance specialist Hannu Vanhanen
Senior Medical Advisor Jyrki Varjonen
Medical insurance specialist Aarne Ylinen

Positions of trust of the management and the investment organisation

In accordance with Section 10 c of the Pension Insurance Companies Act, Elo shall, as of 1 January 2015, maintain an updated register that lists the memberships of the Board members, the Chief Executive Officer, and the Deputy CEO in the boards, supervisory boards or corresponding bodies, apart from limited liability housing companies, of organisations and foundations with financial or social significance.

The register also lists the memberships of Elo’s other managers and investment organisation employees in the boards, supervisory boards or corresponding bodies of other organisations and foundations.

The register will be updated whenever any changes take place. Elo’s Compliance Officer, Roope Noronen, is responsible for maintaining the register and answering any inquiries regarding the register.

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