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We provide lifelong security

Together, we will create sustainable society, working life and the environment for future generations

Responsibility is part of Elo's basic task and is built around three areas:

Sustainable society

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In a sustainable society, earnings-related pension provision and our services meet changing customer needs. The basic task of the earnings-related pension company is at the core of our responsibility.

Sustainable working life

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In a sustainable working life, conditions are created for people with partial work capacity, young people and the elderly, as well as for different minorities, to be involved in working life. Equality and diversity are taken into account in both decision-making and supply chains.

Sustainable environment

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We create a sustainable environment by taking climate and environmental considerations into account in decision-making and operations.

Our investment activities are conducted in compliance with Elo’s principles for responsible investing, Elo’s ownership policy and Elo’s climate strategy. Read more about Elo's responsible investing >

Elo’s Code of Conduct determines the way in which Elo operates in different situations. The ethical principles for business are based on the values and operational models that serve as the cornerstones of Elo’s corporate culture. The Code of Conduct describes the activities to which Elo and its employees are committed and our approach to our daily operations. 

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