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Employer reports

Reporting payroll information to the Incomes Register

Report all salaries and wages paid by you to the Incomes Register after each payment. Elo will retrieve from the Incomes Register the information it needs for the purpose of calculating the TyEL insurance contribution and employee pensions.

Companies must submit their report to the Incomes Register within five days from the salary/wage payment date. Households shall report earnings information to the Incomes Register by the 5th day of the month following the salary payment month.

Earnings that fall within the scope of TyEL insurance are primarily comprised of the taxable gross salaries/wages of employees. Each report shall provide the data of a single salary or wage payment made to a single employee. The report can include different income types, such as monetary wages, fringe benefits and kilometre allowances.

For the report, you will need Elo’s pension provider code, which is 54

  • If you are a contract employer with a TyEL insurance policy, you will also need your insurance policy number (pension policy number) as found in the Online Service or your insurance invoices. 
  • If you are an occasional employer, you will need to use the occasional employer’s pension arrangement number, which is 54-0000000U.

Read more about which earnings are included in TyEL wages >

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Report earnings to the Incomes Register

You have two options for submitting your electronic reports to the Incomes Register:

  • The e-service of the Incomes Register, where you can upload a file generated by your payroll calculation software or complete an online form with the payroll information. 
  • Automated reporting from your own payroll system via a technical interface. This method of submission does not require a separate log-in process for the Incomes Register. The connection between your system and the Incomes Register is generated by means of a certificate issued by the Incomes Register.  

Reports can only by submitted to the Incomes Register in paper form under exceptional circumstances. 

If you use the Palkka.fi service for payroll calculation, the reports will be automatically transferred from the service to the Incomes Register.

Go to Incomes Register to find detailed instructions concerning the Incomes Register and to log in to the e-service. 

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