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Employer reports

Reporting earnings information

As an employer, you will report information about employees and their earnings to the Incomes Register. Reports must be submitted individually for each employee and each particular payment of salary/wages. Elo will retrieve from the Incomes Register the necessary information to calculate your TyEL insurance contributions and the pensions for employees.

Earnings to be recorded under your TyEL insurance include primarily the taxable gross salaries/wages of your employees.
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Report earnings to the Incomes Register

You must report all earnings paid on 1 January 2019 or later and any related corrections to the Incomes Register. Elo cannot submit reports or corrections to the Incomes Register on your behalf.

  • Companies shall report earnings information to the Incomes Register within five days from the salary payment date.
  • Households shall report earnings information to the Incomes Register by the 5th day of the month following the salary payment month.

The Incomes Register offers the following electronic reporting methods:

  1. In the e-service of the Incomes Register you can upload files generated by your payroll software, or submit the earnings information using the online form. To submit a report, you need to log in to the e-service. You can authorise e-service users through the Suomi.fi service or the Katso service, if necessary.Read more about the authorisation.
  2. Automated reporting from your own payroll system is possible via the technical interface. The payroll system must be compatible with the Incomes Register. There is no need to separately log in to the Incomes Register. To establish the connection between the system and the Incomes Register, you need to download a digital certificate from the Incomes Register.Read more about the certificate.

Reports can be submitted to the Incomes Register in paper format for special reasons only.

If you are registered as a contract employer for Elo, you need to include the following details in your reports to the Incomes Register:

  • Elo’s pension provider code: 54
  • The pension policy number, which is your TyEL pension insurance policy number: 54-XXXXXXXX. Check your insurance policy number from Elo’s Online Service or from the messages or invoices sent to you by Elo.

If you are an occasional employer, you can submit your reports as follows:

  1. Using file transfer in the e-service of the Incomes Register, or via automated reporting from your payroll system, or in paper format. For reporting, you will then need
    • Elo’s pension provider code: 54
    • Occasional employer’s pension policy number: 54-0000000U

  2. Using the online report form available in the e-service of the Incomes Register, or via the payroll calculation service Palkka.fi. Then, the abovementioned information is not required. All you need to do is to select Elo as your pension insurance provider.

For detailed instructions and logging in to the Incomes Register.

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