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Elo’s Customer Service availability assured despite coronavirus

Elo’s Customer Service provided by phone, online and chat service, as well as the processing of applications and payments of pensions will be carried out as usual despite the coronavirus situation. The functionality and continuity of the service will be safeguarded by, among other methods, increasing employees’ possibility to work remotely.

Our Customer Service is available by phone weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. For TyEL and YEL insurance matters, call +358 (0)20 694 730. For pension and rehabilitation matters, call +358 (0)20 694 726.

Most of your pension insurance and pension matters can also be handled easily through Elo’s Online Service. Log in to Elo’s Online Service >

Meetings and training courses are being held through online conferencing

As a means of preventing the spread of coronavirus, we are endeavouring to avoid all face-to-face contact with customers and co-operative partners. This is our way of contributing to the protection of risk groups.

For the time being, we are holding all meetings and training sessions by phone or online. If necessary, we will postpone such events until a later date or cancel them.

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