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Elo’s change negotiations resulted in the reduction of 44 work tasks

The change negotiations initiated by Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company on 15 August have come to a conclusion. The aim of the change negotiations was to clarify Elo’s organisation and achieve higher efficiency. Another aim of the process was to respond to changes in Elo’s operating environment and customer behaviours. 

The result of the change negotiations will be changes to the organisational structure and work tasks, as well as a reduction of 44 work tasks. Furthermore, a significant part of the existing job descriptions will change.

Some employees who are being dismissed will be offered new tasks within the company. The personnel reductions were split between different units. At the start of the negotiations, Elo estimated that the need for reductions would affect a maximum of 50 people.

“These dismissals are a tough call for us. We will do our best to help those who have been dismissed to find new employment while also providing our support”, says Carl Pettersson, CEO of Elo.

Pettersson explains that the negotiations were carried out in an especially open and constructive atmosphere.

“As we end this process, we turn our gaze to the future. These measures will ensure that we are able to respond to our customers’ needs and the changes in our operating environment,” Pettersson states. 

More information:
Carl Pettersson, CEO of Elo (interview requests to Communications Manager Sara Salomaa, tel.  +358 44 550 5450)


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