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Retirement based on age

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As the pensionable age is approaching, it is a good idea to begin planning for your retirement. Start planning well in advance and familiarise yourself with all the different options available.

You can retire on old-age pension once you reach the lowest pensionable age for your age group. If you are looking to reduce the amount you are working already before you retire, then partial early old-age pension may be a suitable option for you. Elo can help with your pension planning to find the best alternative to fit your life situation.

Old-age pension

The pensionable age for old-age pension is determined by the year in which you were born.

You can retire on old-age pension at the lowest pensionable age for your age group or you can opt to apply for pension at a later age, whereby you will receive an increase for the deferred retirement.   

Partial early old-age pension

You are eligible to begin withdrawing part of your accrued pension when you reach the age of 61.

Partial early old-age pension enables you to lighten your workload before you retire. If you want, you can also continue working as usual and receive pension in addition to your other earnings.

Applying for old-age pension and partial early old-age pension


Get a pension estimate

Elo’s Online Service enables you to get an estimate of your future old-age pension or partial early old-age pension and the subsequent old-age pension amount. 


Apply for pension

Apply for pension through Elo’s Online Service approximately two weeks before your planned date of retirement. This will ensure that your application will be processed immediately. 


Request a tax card from the tax authorities

Calmly wait for your pension decision. Request a tax card from the tax authorities for the payment of your pension once you receive the pension decision.


Enjoy your retirement

Enjoy being retired. If, however, you decide that you still want to work alongside your pension, it is possible to do so without any earnings limitations.
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