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Information for rehabilitation benefit recipients

Benefit payments

The payment date for rehabilitation allowances is the first banking day of each month. If the first day of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, the payment will be made on the next business day.  

Elo’s dates for the payment of pensions and rehabilitation allowances in 2021

4 January    3 May    1 September 
1 February   1 June  1 October
1 March   1 July   1 November 
1 April 2 August 1 December 

Taxation of benefits

When you receive the decision on rehabilitation, ask the tax authorities to calculate a withholding percentage for the rehabilitation benefit to be paid to you. The rehabilitation allowance and assistance are taxed as benefits, while the rehabilitation increase is taxes as pension income. For the calculation of the tax rate, you will need to provide the tax authorities with the decision regarding your benefit as well as information about other forms of income and related withholdings. Order a tax card from the tax authorities. The tax authorities will send the tax card directly to Elo.

Altogether 40 % tax will be withheld from your benefit if your tax information is not available prior to the first payment. Any excessive withholding tax will be returned/paid to your account (within approx. one week), once Elo receives the tax card calculated by the tax authorities. The repayment of excessive taxes is, however, only possible as they relate to benefits paid during the current year.

Cost reimbursements, such as compensation for travel and accommodation expenses are tax exempt and are not considered in the taxation.

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