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Results from work ability management

Work ability management involves proactive, goal-driven and long-term activities intended to enhance the work ability of the employees and the skills of supervisors to manage the work.

The concrete impacts of work ability management are reflected in savings from fewer absences due to illness and disability cases and in the company’s increased productivity.

Elo’s services facilitate knowledge-based management and help your company to undertake effective measures.

Well-being at work and results from work ability management

Organising work ability management

Work ability management advances smooth work activities while also promoting the work ability, health and occupational safety of the employees. Work ability management refers to good, everyday leadership that involves performance management and an ability to proactively raise issues related to work ability and to take full advantage of the expertise provided by partners, such as your occupational health care provider and Elo.

Work ability is at its optimal level when employees succeed in accomplishing the targets set for their own work. Employers should invest in the development of work and working conditions, a functional work community and dynamic supervisory work, which all contribute to ensuring successful work performance.

Work ability management and the development of well-being at work activities are always the responsibility of the organisation’s management. Functional collaboration is ensured by specifying roles and distributing responsibilities within the company. A supervisor, for example, must be aware of what his or her role is in terms of work ability management. Correspondingly, responsibilities can be assigned to the executive management, to HR, to payroll administration, to the occupational health and safety organisation, to personnel representatives, etc.

Successful work ability management improves your company’s result. Good work ability management helps to decrease costs brought about by absences due to illness, disability pensions and occupational accidents of employees. The result is also affected by, among other things, the development of the work community atmosphere and quality of supervisory work, even though these aspects are not as easily reflected in the company’s financial result.

Work ability management services

We offer survey tools, training, vocational rehabilitation and expert support to companies of all sizes and at all phases of growth.

Tools for company use

Start using tools that have been proven effective for the purpose of supporting good daily management. Our tools help you to manage your company’s work ability issues in a goal-oriented and systematic manner. The tools support your company in evaluating work ability risks and the development of the work atmosphere, constructing a model for early support, determining development needs and drafting and implementing project plans.

Work ability management training

Elo’s continuously updated range of work ability management training opportunities (mostly in Finnish) is built around topical working life themes and the wishes of our customers. The free training offered to our customers provides information and tools that assist in, for example, handling challenging situations in supervisory work, providing early support for employees and developing coaching leadership.

Expert support

Our local work ability management experts are partnering up with corporate management throughout Finland for the purpose of developing the management of work ability and personnel risks. Our customers also benefit from the use of our SME service that specialises in providing support for small and medium-sized companies.

Our experts can be best reached by sending an e-mail to and requesting to be contacted by phone.

Work ability management newsletter

Our work ability management newsletter (in Finnish) provides information and practical tips on ways to develop well-being at work. We share the experiences of our customers as well as information about our current work ability management services. The Finnish-language newsletter is published about once every two months.

Vocational rehabilitation

The aim of vocational rehabilitation is to support an employee’s ability to remain in working life despite an illness. Timely support for the work ability of an employee benefits the employee, the employer and the entire pension scheme.