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Disability pension and rehabilitation subsidy

Disability pension secures your livelihood during long-term work disability. The pension usually commences after one year of sick leave. During sick leave, Kela can pay you sickness allowance.

You can be eligible for disability pension if you are unable to work due to an illness or injury and when rehabilitation is not an option considering your health.

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Disability pensions glossary

Different types of disability pension include

  • full disability pension
  • rehabilitation subsidy
  • partial disability pension
  • partial rehabilitation subsidy.

Disability pension is often also referred to as “sickness pension”.

Rehabilitation allowance refers to subsistence paid during vocational rehabilitation.

Disability pension is permanent pension, while rehabilitation subsidy is fixed-term pension. Fixed-term rehabilitation subsidy can also be granted if it is estimated that work ability can be recovered with treatment or rehabilitation. If recovery with treatment or rehabilitation is improbable, permanent disability pension is possible.
Partial rehabilitation subsidy or partial disability pension can be granted if work ability is impaired but working is partially possible.


When can you apply for disability pension or rehabilitation subsidy?

Disability pension or rehabilitation allowance is applied for after a long-term sick leave, most commonly after a period of sickness allowance granted by Kela. Disability pension requires an uninterrupted period of one year of work disability. You can apply for disability pension if you are not eligible for old-age pension.

The doctor who is treating you writes in a medical statement B whether disability pension or fixed-term rehabilitation subsidy is being applied for.

See more detailed instructions for applying for disability pension or rehabilitation subsidy >

Amount of disability pensions

Before applying for pension, you can calculate an estimate of your pension in our Online Service. 

Our online service will provide you with an estimate of the amount of full disability pension and partial disability pension. The amount of partial disability pension is one-half of the amount of full disability pension.

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Read more about the calculation and determination of the pension amount >

Frequently asked questions

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