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Subsistence during rehabilitation

The purpose of the rehabilitation benefits is to safeguard your livelihood during a period of rehabilitation. Benefits payable during a period of rehabilitation include the rehabilitation allowance and rehabilitation increment. You may also be eligible for reimbursement of rehabilitation-related costs. Additionally, while you are waiting for your rehabilitation to begin, you may have the right to receive rehabilitation assistance.

The payment of any rehabilitation benefit will begin once you have received approval of the supported rehabilitation measure and your rehabilitation has begun.

Elo will send you a separate decision concerning the payment of the rehabilitation benefit.

Benefits during rehabilitation

Rehabilitation allowance

A rehabilitation allowance is paid for any period in which active vocational rehabilitation measures are being taken. The rehabilitation allowance is calculated on the basis of the amount of disability pension that you would receive if you had become incapable of working at the moment you applied for rehabilitation. The rehabilitation allowance is, however, 33% higher than the amount of the disability pension.

Rehabilitation subsidy and rehabilitation increment

The rehabilitation subsidy is a temporary disability pension that can be granted if you are currently unable to work, but your work ability can be restored through treatment or rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation increment is paid in addition to the rehabilitation subsidy if Elo supports your active rehabilitation. The amount of the increment is 33% of the rehabilitation subsidy for full months of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation-related costs and standard compensation

Rehabilitation-related costs, such as travel and study expenses, can be reimbursed retroactively up to a maximum of 6 months. Reimbursements are generally paid as an annually confirmed standard compensation for each academic term. The initial standard compensation will be paid once Elo has received your study certificate and then again for each subsequent academic year. Living expenses for those studying in a different municipality may also be reimbursed. Additionally, Elo insures a rehabilitee against occupational accidents for the duration of an unpaid work trial or work training period.
There is no need to apply for the standard compensation, as it will be paid automatically. The amount and payment date of the standard compensation can be found in Elo’s Online Service.

Read more about cost compensation in TELA’s recommendations for reimbursements (in Finnish only) >

Rehabilitation assistance

Rehabilitation assistance can be paid for a maximum of three months during waiting periods or intervals between active rehabilitation periods or while the rehabilitation plan is being drafted. You can receive rehabilitation assistance if you are not eligible for other forms of subsistence. The amount of the rehabilitation assistance is equal to disability pension.

Business subsidy for entrepreneurs

The business subsidy helps individuals when establishing their own business or changing the direction of or continuing already established business activities The business subsidy can be in the form of, for example, contribution to the costs of different tools that facilitate work tasks.


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