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Vocational rehabilitation for entrepreneurs

Has your work ability weakened? Does your health situation present challenges in terms of running a business? Elo’s vocational rehabilitation may be the solution to your situation.

The purpose of rehabilitation is to find a way to keep you in active working life despite your health challenges. It can also be helpful when returning to working life after a sick leave. Rehabilitation can help you to adapt your business activities so that they are more suitable for your health situation and enable you to continue working as an entrepreneur. It can also help you to initiate completely new business activities or to make the shift to being an employee for another employer.

Rehabilitation is part of the security provided by YEL insurance that is intended to safeguard both entrepreneurs and their business activities.

The aim of rehabilitation is to help you to continue working as an entrepreneur. Or to find a new career.

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Entrepreneurs’ right to vocational rehabilitatio

Elo can support your vocational rehabilitation if:

  • You have not yet reached your lowest pensionable age 
  • You are facing the threat of begin forced to retire on disability pension in the near future
  • Your earned income from the preceding 5 calendar years totals a minimum of EUR 39 157,84 (in 2023)
  • You have earnings for the previous 36 months or during that time you were not gainfully employed due to caring for a child under 3 years or an adopted child over 3 years
  • You are not entitled to vocational rehabilitation granted on the basis of an injury or traffic accident.

Manage your rehabilitation matters online

Elo’s Online Service enables you to:

  • Get an estimate of the rehabilitation allowance
  • Apply for rehabilitation
  • Submit a rehabilitation plan
  • Apply for travel reimbursements
  • Submit attachments and files to Elo
  • Give feedback on the rehabilitation procedure once it has ended.

What is the process for an entrepreneur seeking rehabilitation?

The process for entrepreneurs seeking rehabilitation is the same as for employees. The process is as follows:

1. Learn about rehabilitation

At the same time, it’s a good idea to consider the methods that might enable you to continue your business activities or in working life in general despite any health limitations. You should also discuss the issue with your own doctor, since you will need to attach a medical statement B from your doctor to your application.

2. Apply for rehabilitation

The easiest way to apply for rehabilitation is through Elo’s Online Service. Once you have applied, you will receive a preliminary decision concerning your right to rehabilitation.

Read more about the rehabilitation application process >

3. Draft a rehabilitation plan

Rehabilitation for an entrepreneur is often realised in the form of a work trial within their own company. Rehabilitation can also take the form of, for example, a business subsidy that Elo provides to support entrepreneurs in continuing their business activities or initiating new ones. Elo can provide help for the purpose of drafting a rehabilitation plan, if necessary.

Read more about the rehabilitation plan and different methods of rehabilitation >

4. Begin rehabilitation

You can initiate your rehabilitation once you have received approval of your rehabilitation plan. You will receive a separate decision concerning the payment of the rehabilitation benefit.
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