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Rehabilitation plan

The aim of vocational rehabilitation is to find a way for you to remain in working life, if you are able to work despite having an illness or injury. Submit your rehabilitation plan in the Online Service once you have received a positive decision confirming your right to rehabilitation and your plan is ready. If you need assistance to draft the plan, you can request the assistance of a work coach with the same online form.

A proper rehabilitation plan is an essential part of successful rehabilitation. It’s a good idea to begin drafting your rehabilitation plan as soon as possible after receiving your preliminary decision. Drafting a plan calls for a proactive attitude and co-operation with the occupational health service and HR representatives of your workplace.

What exactly is a rehabilitation plan?

A rehabilitation plan is a written plan outlining the process to get you back into working life or to continue in working life despite any health challenges you are facing.

Manage your rehabilitation matters online

Elo’s Online Service enables you to:

  • Submit a rehabilitation plan
  • Submit attachments and files
  • Apply for travel reimbursements

How to proceed:

1    Consider what method would enable you to return to or continue in working life.

Seek out answers to the following questions:

  • What limitations does your health situation pose in terms of working?
  • What work are you still able to do?
  • How might you take advantage of earlier work experience or training?
  • What form of vocational rehabilitation would be suitable for your present situation?

2    Draft a rehabilitation plan

Once you have received a positive preliminary decision regarding your right to rehabilitation, it’s time to draft a rehabilitation plan. The rehabilitation plan should include::

  • rehabilitation timetable,
  • rehabilitation method, and
  • the work tasks you are aiming for with the help of the rehabilitation.

3    Submit your rehabilitation plan to Elo

Submit your rehabilitation plan to Elo: log in to the Online Service, go to the Rehabilitation tab and fill in the rehabilitation plan.

The appropriateness of the plan is always assessed on a case-by-case basis. The intention is always to take advantage of your earlier training and work history as part of the vocational rehabilitation.

Read more about the possible rehabilitation methods

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