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Elo’s corporate financing services

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Is it time to expand your company operations?

The expansion of company operations sometimes requires loan financing, whether it be in the form of investments or growth through corporate acquisitions. Together with our partners, we will help your company to find the optimal financing solution for your situation.

Read a story about how Elo's financing services have helped the luxury travel arranger Luxury Action to expand its operations across all Nordic countries. Read also how the Finnish foundry Suomivalimo returned to its roots as a family owned company with Elo's help. 

Read about Luxury Action > 
Read about Suomivalimo > 

Elo provides the crucial portion of financing

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Diversified financing options for companies of different sizes

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Elo’s financing options

Elo is here to help and support you

Kuva: AsiantuntijatukiElo’s corporate financing experts are ready to help you with any corporate financing matters. You can reach us by calling +358 (0)20 703 5843 or e-mailing to yritysrahoitus@elo.fi.

Loan application

You can apply for a loan either through our Online Service or by filling out a loan application.