TyEL payments and certificates

The TyEL basic contribution rate for 2019 is 25.20 %

As an employer, you ensure the pension security of your employee(s) by paying the required TyEL contributions to a pension provider. The amount of the contributions is always determined in accordance with the calculation bases confirmed annually by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and is a designated percentage of the employee’s gross earnings.

The contribution percentage also includes the employee’s share of the contribution, which you will withhold from the salary or wages paid to the employee.

The employee’s share of the TyEL contribution varies in accordance with the employee’s age:

  • 6.75% for those aged 17–52
  • 8.25% for those aged 53–62
  • 6.75% for those who are 63 and older

For a contract employer, the amount of contribution is also affected by, for example, Elo’s client bonus and group discount.

For occasional employers, the final TyEL contribution for 2019 is 25.20% of the paid wages/salaries.

Read more about occasional employers > 

Do you need a TyEL certificate?

The TyEL certficate shows that you have a valid insurance policy and that your contributions have been paid. You can print out a certificate from Elo’s Online Service. A certificate may be requested, for example, as an attachment to an offer to show that the employer has insured its employees under TyEL insurance.

Brochures on contributions 

TyEL insurance contributions as of 1 January 2019

From the start of 2019, Elo will retrieve the relevant earnings information from the Incomes Register and the TyEL insurance contribution will be calculated on the basis of the payroll reports and related corrections as submitted to the Incomes Register.


The amount of the TyEL insurance contribution will continue to be determined by the percentage confirmed annually by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. 
  • All contribution payments will be up to date and, therefore, there will no longer be a need to calculate a final contribution at the end of the year.
  • You will continue to receive Elo’s client bonuses once per year and they will be taken into account in your future contribution payments.
  • Any possible impact of the premium category and premium loss discount will be taken into account in the calculation of the contribution.

Payment methods

TyEL contribution payments can be paid in one of three ways.


Elo sends an invoice for the TyEL insurance contributions once per month. If you have, for example, two salary payment days each month, the relevant TyEL contributions will be compiled into a single invoice. This is the primary payment method for everyone.
  • The invoice lists the overall earnings for each payment date, the TyEL contribution rate and the TyEL contribution amount in euro. From Elo’s Online Service, you can see more detailed information about the reports submitted to the Incomes Register, the contributions based on the reports and the resulting invoices.
  • Any possible refunds are taken into account in the invoice.
  • If the payroll report is submitted late to the Incomes Register, the TyEL contribution rate will include insurance contribution interest.

If you wish, you can receive a separate invoice for each reported payment date as soon as Elo has received the reported information.


You can also choose to pay the TyEL insurance contributions in advance on the basis of the payroll sum notified by you to Elo.
Please note that if you are using Palkka.fi service you cannot choose this payment method. Please note that the payment of insurance contributions in advance will not, however, provide any interest benefit for you. An advance payment must be made before you report any earnings to the Incomes Register.


You can easily change your payment method by contacting our Customer Service.
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Invoice due dates

The due date on the invoices for TyEL insurance contributions is the last day of the month following the salary payment month.

In Elo’s Online Service, you can see your invoices and information about the TyEL insurance contributions and you can, if necessary, request a payment extension for a specific invoice. Read more about Elo’s Online Service >

Insurance contribution interest rate as of 1 January 2019

The last day of the month following the salary payment month is the last interest-free due date for TyEL contribution payments. This is also generally the due date for TyEL invoices from Elo. If, for example, the report was submitted late to the Incomes Register and the invoice, for this reason, falls due after the last interest-free due date, the TyEL contribution will be increased by the contribution interest rate.

Take the electronic invoice service into use

The use of the Incomes Register will accelerate the rhythm for reporting payroll information during 2019, thereby potentially increasing the number of invoices you receive. We recommend that you take online invoicing into use in order to facilitate the payment of your insurance contributions.


Once you have taken online invoicing into use, you will receive your invoices directly to your company’s invoice processing system or online banking service. All electronic invoices dispatched by Elo are compatible with Finvoice standards, and our e-invoice operator is OpusCapita.


It’s easy to take online invoicing into use for your business via the Customer information section of Elo's Online Service. If you do not have access to Elo’s Online Service, you can submit the recipient details for electronic invoicing using the relevant form (in Finnish)


If you would like eInvoices to come to your own personal online banking service, you need to sign an agreement for eInvoicing with your own bank.

Elo is here to help and support you

Elo's Online Service is always available for you to use whenever it's most convenient for you. For TyEL and YEL insurance matters, please call us at +358 (0)20 694 730 (weekdays 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m)