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Electronic TyEL and YEL invoices

 1. Would you like to receive our invoices to your company’s invoice processing system or to an online bank account?

Online invoicing is an easy and fast way for a company to receive invoices electronically. If your company uses an e-invoicing address, report it to Elo and you will conveniently receive your next invoices directly into the invoice processing system or online bank.

How to inform us on recipient information in our Online service:

  1. Log in to Elos Online Services.
  2. Go to the Customer data management section and then to the Customer Info page.
  3. Click the “Change Information” button at the bottom of the page under the “Invoice Delivery Method” section.
  4. Select Electronic invoice as the invoice delivery method, fill in the necessary information, and click “Save”.
  5. From now on, we send your invoices electronically. 

The invoices sent by Elo are in accordance with the Finvoice standard and our operator is Posti Messaging Oy.

2.  Would you like to receive our invoices to your private online bank account?

E-invoicing is suitable for private customers, such as household employers and self-employed persons who have been designated as the payer for their YEL insurance. You can make the e-invoicing agreement in your own online bank or order an e-invoice proposal through Elo’s Online Service. The second option means that we will send you a prefilled agreement to your online bank for your approval. 

How to do a e-invoice contract in your online bank:

  1. Log in to your online bank.
  2. Choose Mutual Pension Insurance Company Elo as your biller.
  3. Add the number of your insurance contract to the field ''Required information from the biller'' In case your company has multiple insurances, remember to make a separate contract for each one of them.
  4. From now on, we send your invoices electronically.

Remember to always read the instructions of your bank or operator concerning electronic invoicing. E-invoicing will begin once you have made or approved the agreement in your online bank. Cancellation of the e-invoicing service can only be done through your online bank. 

3. Would you like to receive your invoices by e-mail?

You can also receive our invoices directly to an e-mail address. E-mail invoicing can be taken into use by both private customers and companies. Please note that e-mail invoicing is customer-specific and will be applied to all insurance policies that you have in Elo.
Here’s how to take e-mail invoicing into use using our Online Service:
1. Log in to Elo’s Online Service.
2. Go to the Customer info tab and press “Change your information” under “Invoice delivery method”.
3. As the delivery method, select “E-mail invoice” and provide the e-mail address to which you would like the invoices to be sent and then press “Save”.
4. Once you have completed these steps, you will begin to receive your invoices by e-mail.
Log in to the Online Service >
Make an Online Service Agreement >
Read more about the Online Service for company customers >

4. Elo invoices can be sent to Posti’s OmaPosti service

You can also have a paper invoice sent to Posti's OmaPosti service (formerly Netposti), once you have registered as a service user. 



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