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Amount of disability pensions

Before applying for pension, you can calculate an estimate of your pension in our Online Service. 

Our online service will provide you with an estimate of the amount of full disability pension and partial disability pension. The amount of partial disability pension is one-half of the amount of full disability pension.

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Read more about the calculation and determination of the pension amount >

Working alongside disability pension

When you are receiving disability pension, you can still work up to your personal earnings limit without it affecting the payment of your disability pension.

If you have not yet applied for pension and received a pension decision, you can calculate your earnings limit in our Online Service under “Pension record and pension estimates”.

If you have already received a pension decision, the decision states your personal earnings limit. You can check earlier decisions you have received under “Documents” in our Online Service.

Your earnings must stay below the limit specified in the decision. Earnings refer to taxable income, or gross earnings, from work done alongside a pension. This includes, for example, a monthly salary, a holiday bonus and other incentives and bonuses. Earnings from self-employment include the YEL income as well as possible earnings from an employment relationship.

Read more about working while receiving disability pension > 

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