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Information for Elo's pension recipients

Elo pensioner: the pension recipients’ section of our website contains important information related to the payment of your pension, such as pension payment dates, taxation and working during retirement. 

Did you know that you can manage all your pension matters easily through Elo’s Online Service for private customers?

Do you need to change your bank account or contact information?

The Online Service for private customers enables you to handle your pension matters online from start to finish.

Log in to the Online Service

Elo’s pension payment dates for 2024

2 January 2 May 2 September
1 February 3 June 1 October
1 March 1 July 1 November
2 April 1 August 2 December

Information for different life situations

Change of bank account

Your pension will be paid to the account stated in your application or, alternatively, to the account you provided after the submission of your application. If you wish to change the account to which your pension is paid, the easiest way is to make the change under the Payment information tab in the Online Service. In order to ensure data protection, account number changes cannot be made by phone or email.

Changing your contact information

If your address, email address or phone number changes, you can submit a notification of change under the Personal information tab in the Online Service. While logged in, you can also choose to take the paperless service into use, whereby you will have direct access to all future pension documents in the Online Service. We will send you a text message when you have new documents to view in the Online Service.

Manage your pension matters in Elo’s Online Service

You can use the Online Service to do the following:

  • Check the next payment date and tax percentage.
  • Inform about changes to an account number or contact information.
  • Increase your tax rate.
  • Print a pension certificate.
  • Order a new pension card.
  • Apply for a pension accrued from work done alongside pension or a continued pension.
  • Take the paperless service into use, whereby you will have access to all documents concerning your pension or benefit directly through Elo’s Online Service.

Log in to the Online Service

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