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YEL insurance in 2024

The turn of the year will once again bring changes to the relevant figures for YEL insurance.

We have compiled the essential information concerning the changes for 2024 below. ​

YEL insurance contributions in 2024

The YEL insurance contributions will remain at the same level next year as this year, which is 24.10 % for people under 53 and over 63, and 25.60 % for people aged 53 to 62.

Social insurance contributions 2024 (pdf)

YEL income limit amounts in 2024

  • Minimum: 9,010.28 €/year
  • Minimum for unemployment security: 14,803.00 €/year
  • Maximum: 204,625.00 €/year

At the turn of the year, you should check whether YEL income is at the right level

Your YEL income must reflect the value of your work input in your company. In practice, this means the amount which would be paid to an equally skilled worker employed in the same job. 

The YEL income of all entrepreneurs will be subject to a statutory increase on 1 January 2024 based on a salary coefficient. The aim is to keep entrepreneurs’ income levels in line with the general development of wages and prices. This change will be shown in our Online Service under the ‘YEL income’ tab for your insurance.

Make sure to update your YEL income level whenever there are changes in your entrepreneurial activities. When you keep your income level up-to-date, the review of YEL income carried out at three-year intervals will not lead to any adjustment needs.

In addition to influencing your old-age pension, your YEL income level directly affects the level of various social benefits and other pensions. This means that having your income set at the correct level provides you with protection even during your working years. Keep your YEL income at the right level to ensure your livelihood during illness, parenthood and old age.   

If your annual YEL income falls below the minimum threshold of unemployment benefit, EUR 14,803 (2024), you will not be able to join an unemployment fund and you will not be entitled to Kela’s basic unemployment allowance. An entrepreneur’s condition regarding previous employment does not accumulate for the period when YEL income is below the defined limit. 

You can deduct the YEL insurance contributions paid in taxation

 As an entrepreneur, you can deduct your YEL insurance contributions from your own or your spouse’s tax when you have paid your own YEL insurance contribution. Please note that, as an entrepreneur, you must take care of the deduction of YEL contributions in taxation yourself. The payment information is not forwarded from the pension company to the Tax Administration. If necessary, you can get a printout of the YEL contributions paid from Elo’s online service. YEL insurance contributions can be deducted as company expenses if your company has paid the YEL insurance contributions.

Handle your matters through Elo’s Online Service

In Elo's online service you can

  • print out certificates
  • request a payment extension for an invoice
  • adjust the income amount as well as
  • report any changed information.

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Have you started using e-invoices yet?

If your company has an e-invoice address, you can report it in our online service. You can make an e-invoice agreement with your own online bank.

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Are you planning to hire an employee?

When you, as an employer, hire an employee into a contractual employment relationship, you assume the obligation to insure that individual under a statutory TyEL insurance policy.

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