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Digital accessibility statement

Elo’s digital services are subject to the Act on the Provision of Digital Services. This accessibility statement has been drafted on 21 September 2020 and applies to Elo’s website www.elo.fi as well as the online services provided to corporate and private customers for the management of their employment pension insurance and pension matters.The accessibility of the digital services is based on expert assessment, software testing as well as personal assessment.

Elo’s open website www.elo.fi

The website mostly meets the critical A and AA requirements.

1. Issues with perceivability

  • The service contains images that lack text alternatives.
  • The service contains text frames and form input fields that lack explanations for assistive technologies.

2. Issues with operability

  • The same link text is used to refer to several different targets.
  • The service contains ambiguous link texts and image links that do not clearly explain where the link activation transfers the user.

3. Issues with understandability

  • Most of the pdf files in the service are machine-readable. Some pdf files, however, are missing identifiers for assistive technologies.


Elo’s Online Service for insurance customers

The sections of Elo’s Online Service for corporate customers that concern the management and acquisition of mandatory employment pension insurance meet the critical A and AA requirements. 

The added value services, for example, related to various reports and falling outside of the scope of public administrative tasks, are not subject to accessibility legislation and may contain content that is not accessible. 

Elo’s online service for private customers

The service meets the critical A and AA requirements.

Additional services to improve accessibility

Insurance and pension guidance in sign language
Elo provides insurance and pension guidance in sign language using the Chabla app (www.chabla.me).

Contact information for the supervisory authority

Southern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency
Accessibility control unit
Telephone switchboard +358 (0) 295 016 000
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