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Provide your due diligence (KYC) information - why is it important?

Like all other pension insurance companies, Elo is obliged to identify and know its company customers, the individuals who have control over those companies and the nature of the companies’ business. This obligation is based on the Act on Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (444/2017), and due to our due diligence obligation, we need the relevant information concerning you and your company. Due diligence information is only collected and maintained for these purposes.

You can provide your due diligence information easily through Elo’s Online Service

You only need your online banking codes to log in and, if necessary, our Online Service will begin by providing you with instructions on how to take the service into use.  Our Online Service contains additional information about the notification of due diligence information in addition to serving as a convenient tool for the ongoing management of your pension insurance.

Log in to the Online Service

What information do we need from you?

Primarily, we require that our customers provide the due diligence information listed below.

From a company:

  • The company’s primary business address,
  • The company’s beneficial owners and
  • Whether or not the beneficial owners are politically exposed persons or related parties of such persons (PEP). 

From an entrepreneur or household employer:

  • Whether the individual is a politically exposed person or related parties of such a person (PEP).

Actual beneficial owners

You can also provide us with the due diligence (KYC) information by using the relevant form

Complete the pdf form online and print and sign it. Send the form to us as a scanned attachment using the secure e-mail service found at www.elo.fi/e-mail or by post to our business reply address: 

Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company
Code 5010419

Our customer service is happy to help

If you have any questions, our customer service will gladly assist you at +358 20 694 730.
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