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Elo's principles on the use of artificial intelligence

Advancing the common good and responsibility

Elo’s aim is to equally provide all customers with high-quality service. Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions enable us to further develop the pension insuring process and related services in a way that is proactive, efficient and appropriate. All of our activities are intended to promote the common good and comply with Elo’s principles on responsibility and sustainability.

Transparency and clarity

At Elo, the use of AI is always overseen by an actual person. We take responsibility for the use of AI, the justifications for its use and the implementation of its use. We state it openly whenever we use AI.

Security and data protection

We safeguard personal data protection and privacy for every individual. Our data processing complies with the GDPR, customers’ consent and the principles of data protection and security. The decision to utilise AI is always based on comprehensive consideration at Elo. An actual person always bears responsibility for any implementations and solutions realised with the help of AI.

Equality and diversity

The use of AI at Elo is always based on respect for others and, therefore, any use of AI must not result in discrimination or unfairness. The utilisation of AI must advance the equal treatment of our customers.

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