Vocational rehabilitation

An employee insured under TyEL is entitled to vocational rehabilitation within the earnings-related pension scheme if he or she has a diagnosed illness, handicap or disability that threatens to lead to a disability pension in the near future (threat of disability). Furthermore, the insured should have an occupational qualification obtained through work or training, minimal earnings of €34,508.16 from the previous five years, and an established position in working life.

The assessment of the relevance of rehabilitation takes into account the employee’s age, education, profes- sion, earlier activities, established position in working life and whether the vocational rehabilitation in question is likely to lead to staying on at work or returning to work.

Rehabilitation is a cost-effective solution that benefits both the employee and employer. Early recognition of the need and timely initiation of rehabilitation may prevent or delay a person’s retirement on disability pension.
Correspondingly, the disability pension expenditure will reduce in the long run.

What is vocational rehabilitation?

• work trials, when the suitability of a new job is being assessed or the rehabilitee is switching jobs, or when support is needed for returning to work after a long sick leave
• job coaching to learn a new job
• courses and additional or supplementary training to develop skills required in a new job that is suitable for the person’s health.